The 10K Foundation aims to mobilize hopeful citizens as needed. We envision societal change becoming a more grassroots and communal effort at every level. George Floyd’s murder was a reoccurring outcome from the systemic racism and oppression of black people in America and although the 10K Foundation was formed in response to the events surrounding George Floyd‘s murder, the founding members have come to better understand a fundamental issue that left George Floyd vulnerable on May 25th 2020. An issue that does go beyond race, but has certainly been most severe on blacks in America. The state (government) is out of control. The state has a monopoly on violence. The state determines who can use force, when, where, why and how. The state’s monopoly on violence helped officer Chauvin take George Floyd’s life. George was defenseless and the other citizens who were on the scene that day felt like all they could do was record his final moments.

The monopoly on violence is not the only state-owned monopoly. The state has imposed it’s will over the citizens relentlessly while negotiating with communities as the exclusive distributor of the American dream. It is the belief of the 10K Foundation that The United States of the Federal Reserve has continued to breach the good faith of the social contract they have with The Free People of America. The people have become isolated and consequently stripped of the liberty, justice and freedom promised to them by the United States constitution. It is imperative that the Free People of America band together in each individual community across the county to push back against the tyranny of the state and reestablish their sovereignty. The 10K Foundation is here to support that initiative by facilitating the renegotiation of that social contract through community driven action.

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“If you can mobilize 10,000 hopeful citizens you can change anything.”

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