March for Breonna Taylor: Red Sunday

September 27th (March and Protest) – The Attorney General of Kentucky has announced the dismissal of charges for 2 of the 3 officers involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor. The last officer was charged with reckless wanton (A class D felony). She was murdered in her bed… in her home… on a no-knock warrant… served to the wrong address. ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOT! THEY GOT US FUCKED UP!
We have seen the face of tragedy. It is the face of a beautiful black woman named Breonna Taylor. SAY HER NAME! We have seen the face of injustice. Badges, Suits and Robes. We are not going to accept Breonna Taylor’s death, being made a mockery by our justice system. By The State! If you are here in Minnesota and attending Sunday’s Minnesota Vikings football game… shame on you. Follow the mobile stats while you come join us in the pursuit of justice.
We are demanding that state officials such as Gov. Tim Walz, Attn Gen. Keith Ellison, Minneapolis Mayor, Saint Paul Mayor, Minneapolis City Council, Saint Paul City Council, etc. show up on the frontlines with the people they swore an oath to serve.
Event: March & Protest
Purpose: Breonna Taylor’s Justice
Meeting Time: September 27th, 2020  2PM KICKOFF TIME
Meeting Location: US Bank Stadium
Kneeling Locations: US Bank Stadium, First Avenue, Federal Reserve (Die-In)
Preferred Attire: All Black
Activities: Protest, Free Food, DJ, Live Music, Etc.
Public Health: Wear a mask, PPE supplies available
#breonnataylor #sayhername #redsunday

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“If you can mobilize 10,000 hopeful citizens you can change anything.”

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