Who are we?
We are helping communities preserve their freedom, justice and access to the American dream.
The 10K Foundation started with a group of community members in Minnesota that came together and orchestrated events of protest, peace and healing after George Floyd was brutally suffocated to death by Minneapolis police officer (Derek Chauvin) on May 25, 2020. George Floyd’s murder was captured on video and ignited a string of protests in the Twin Cities, then across the country. A few days later the city of Minneapolis caught fire in it’s southside neighborhood. On May 29th the 3rd precinct eventually burned down after an intense civilian protest and hostile police response. Many mainstream media outlets and social media threads portrayed Minnesotans as lawless barbarians. Members of 10K felt this portrayal of Minnesotans was both inaccurate and unwarranted. The 10K Foundation made their first act on May 29, 2020. It was a peaceful march through the streets of downtown Minneapolis. The event was a success with approximately 8,000 people gathering peacefully that protested without incident. Over the following 2 weeks the 10K Foundation organized 3 more peaceful marches. Approximately 50,000 citizens in total participated in those first 4 marches.
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“If you can mobilize 10,000 hopeful citizens you can change anything.”

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