10K “Unfinished Business” March Press Release


On Friday, June 5, 2020, at 4 p.m., approximately 20,000 people marched peacefully from US Bank Stadium to the place of George Floyd’s death, 38th and Chicago,  Minneapolis, MN, to honor his memory and to continue the fight for justice and sovereignty.

 The mission of the 10K “Unfinished Business” March was to create a peaceful and safe environment for people to protest after the 10K “No Bail” March was violently interrupted by a speeding gas truck on March 31, 2020.

In response to the extremely dangerous situation that occurred during the 10K “No Bail” March on March 31, 2020, as well as concerns regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers of the 10K “Unfinished Business” March drastically increased safety and public health measures for protesters. This included providing masks and individual water bottles, adding bike and car patrol to the route, as well as sharing the intended marching route with local law enforcement.

The 10K “Unfinished Business” March occurred without incident and allowed approximately 20,000 protesters a safe space to peacefully march for justice and sovereignty throughout Minneapolis.

Now, the 10K Foundation is organizing another march for Saturday, June 13th, at 4:00pm. The 10K “Free North” March will again start at US Bank Stadium, this time gathering in support and urgency for the conviction of George Floyd’s murderers and for charges to be brought for the murderers of Breonna Taylor.

We will be holding our own press conference at 12PM on Friday, June 12th, at the downtown Breakfast Bar. Members of the media will be invited to join.

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