10K “No Bail” March Press Release


On Sunday, May 31, 2020, at 1:45 p.m., the organizers of the 10K “No Bail” March met for prayer prior to heading to U.S. Bank Stadium. Waiting at U.S. Bank Stadium were 10,000 people ready to peacefully march across Minneapolis, MN, in solidarity for George Floyd. The mission of the 10K “No Bail” March was to give protesters a positive and peaceful place to seek justice. At 2:15 p.m. community leaders and activists spoke to the crowd about the peaceful mission of the march and emphasized the importance of responsibility and accountability. Within an hour, tens of thousands of protesters marched from U.S. Bank Stadium to I-35W, while passing the Government Center and marching over the Hennepin Avenue Bridge. The cry for justice was continuously reiterated while the large crowd marched peacefully throughout Minneapolis.

The 10k “No Bail” March proved to be successful as it created a positive environment for peaceful protesters seeking justice. While on I-35W, after thousands of people took a knee in silence for George Floyd, a gas truck maneuvered around the Minnesota Department of Transportation barricades/police checkpoints into the crowd, putting the protesters in immediate danger. Fortunately, all of the men, women, and children were able to move quickly so that they were not injured or killed by the speeding gas truck. Out of anger and fear the driver was pulled out of the truck. A confrontation ensued, but many of the peaceful protesters intervened to stop the violence as they remembered the call for responsibility and accountability prior to marching. Immediately after this dangerous incident, the protesters left the bridge to ensure their safety. Prior to the truck maneuver, no other disruptions occurred.

The Organizers Announcement After The March

The organizers of the protest wish to announce their heartfelt disappointment with the dangerous turn of events that took place and are saddened that thousands of human lives were put in danger. This sadness is compounded by the fact that the protesters were fighting for rights that shouldn’t even be a conversation in 2020. The sacrifice of those who chose to rally in accordance with the values and purpose of this protest will not go unnoticed and will continue to inspire our future work together. Thank you to those who came out and risked their lives for the sake of humanity and justice.

We are coordinating another peaceful march for Friday, June 5, 2020, as we will not stop fighting for Black lives. We will not stop fighting the advancement of tyranny. We will gather at U.S. Bank Stadium to commemorate the life of George Floyd, and protest against his murder and the hate and injustice that it represents. This is a call to all human beings to peacefully and strategically band together against policies, practices, and systems that are rooted in institutional racism.

We have prepared for this march with a full safety plan, water, masks, and other PPE essentials. If you would like to contribute to these efforts, please visit 10kfoundation.org. Additionally, we will be holding our own press conference at 11 AM on Friday at the downtown Moxy Hotel. Members of the media will be invited to join.

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