10K “March For Mothers” Press Release


Sunday, June 12, 2020 – 10K Foundation partnered with Justice Squad, Take A Knee, and Freedom Fighters to demand justice for the families who’s children have fallen victim to police brutality. 180 families were in attendance including the loved ones of Philando Castile, Brian Quiñones, and Breonna Taylor. Approximately 5,000 change makers peacefully marched in support of the families from the corner of Dale St. and University Ave. in St. Paul to the Minnesota State Capitol. Together, the families, change makers, and organizers filled the streets with music and chants, making sure the message was heard.

Emotionally moving speeches were made by several family members upon the groups arrival at the Minnesota State Capitol.

The 10K “March for Mothers” occurred without incident, allowing the 180 families and 5,000 change makers a safe space to come together in grieving while they marched for justice.

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“If you can mobilize 10,000 hopeful citizens you can change anything.”

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