10K “Black Pride” Press Release


On Saturday, June 25, 2020, the 10K Foundation team kicked off a weekend of service and solidarity with the pride community by passing out over 100,000 popsicles in North Minneapolis, in partnership with the Sanneh Foundation. Later that day, 10K marched through downtown Minneapolis with the Women’s March. The night was capped off with a 10K block party in uptown

On Sunday morning, 10K stood in solidarity with the LGBTQ community at a beautifully orchestrated pride parade and pride fest in Loring park. After passing out nearly 200 Black Pride t-shirts and another pallet full of popsicles, the weekend was bookended with the Floyd Fest, co-hosted by 10K, featuring local vendors, voter registration, and performances by local artists.

Going into a big 4th of July weekend, 10K Foundation is optimistic that the forward momentum created in June over four marches and countless demonstrations will continue. This moment of opportunity requires each and every one of us to decide not only how we will react to these injustices, but how will we change the system that tolerates them.

July 4th we are expected to celebrate America’s independence. We would like to come together in a push for true sovereignty and solidarity. We will come together on a national holiday that puts so much emphasis on the American flag and all the values it claims to represent.

On the evening of July 4th, we will be marching through the streets of downtown Minneapolis and kneeling together on one of America’s most revered holidays. George Floyd’s case is not over. Breonna Taylor’s has no arrests. After the march there will be a huge art installation revealed in their honor. 

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